Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tehnolog - Toxic Plant Pre-Order Scheme

Tehnolog announced a pre-order scheme to reactivate their Toxic Plant scenery:

The company Alegris together with TehnologTrade are planning a production run of Tehnolog factories products. This is similiar to a Kickstarter where we will need to collect a sum of money with the help of our clients and end buyers to start the production of Tehnolog's sets and then place an order with the factory. This is a first test run and we decided to choose the Chemical Plant as the starting set.

What does the set contain:
10 sprues:
6 Chemical Plant sprues;
2 wall sprues;
2 farm sprues;
assembly instructions (in English)

The set is sold in factory packaging (a white box, no images or text).

About the programm
By purchasing these sets you will be participating in co-financing them. The target sum is 100000 rubles (appr. 3000 US-$), this will allow us to place an order with the factory. The campaign will be held for 2 months and will end on 15 february. If we receive the required sum earlier, we will get things started earlier and all who participated will be able to get their sets much faster. You will still be able to purchase these sets for a special price till the 15th of February. After the 15th we will take down the wholesale sets and one set will cost a lot more.

How can I participate if I don't live in Russia.
For our international buyers one set will cost $20 + $8 delivery worldwide. After the 15th the set will cost $30. To guarantee our international buyers we wil be accepting PayPal only. To place an order or if you have any questions please contact order@alegris.ru

Will other Tehnolog sets that have been discontinued be available in this way?
If this programm is a success we will gladly launch the other Tehnolog sets, for example Platformer and the Power Plant etc.
 Link: Tehnolog

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  1. 6 Chemical Plant sprues - http://shop.warhammer.ru/netcat_files/File/HZ001.jpg
    2 wall sprues - http://shop.warhammer.ru/netcat_files/File/HZ003.jpg
    2 farm sprues - http://shop.warhammer.ru/netcat_files/File/HZ002.jpg


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